Mysteries of India part 1 volume 2

Mysteries of India part 1 volume 2

So we are continuing the journey of southern Indian state Kerala ‘s temple called “sabarimala” the sabarimala temple’s god is lord sastha.lord sastha’s father is lord Shiva (lord of destruction)and mother is lord Vishnu(god of happiness and life).yes you read it right lord Vishnu is a male god then how can he be a mother,to kill an immortal asura(devil ) the lord Vishnu appeared as a beautiful women called (mohini) and he /she defeated that asura .After that lord Shiva fell in love with mohini aka lord Vishnu.Due to their relationship baby lord sastha born.Due to the gods problemas just like us they also have family problems .They have to give away their son.They give the son to the king of panthalam and lord sastha gradually brought up as prince of panthalam.once panthalam was attacked baber’s army,but with God on their side panthalam was indestructible.Due to this brave war baber and sastha become friends.for the honourship of this friendship each new lord sastha pilgrims visit mosque of baber first.A lady called malikapurathuamma proposed lord sastha.But lord sastha a chronic bachelor rejected proposal with a tricky answer .I will accept your proposal when the year there is no first time pilgrims to my temple…. Sabarimala is one of famous temple in India.The temple is built of pure gold.Millions of devotees visited every year,eventhough the sabarimala temple is in middle of jungle in a mountain and we rarely see tigers and elephants on path of temple.The journey to temple is on barefoot.The mystery behind this temple is from my experience is that even if you are atheist or other religious believer.If you pray to lord sastha,a honour wish,the wish will be granted.My journey will continue on next part…,


Mysteries of India

My first blog post is about a country which is famous for multiple reasons.If someone asks a Non Indian “what is the first thing that comes in your mind when hearing about India…..the typical answers will be culture,bollywood ,population…..even crimes….but iam not talking about typical things .Iam talking about the mysterious things of India.Mysteries not all about supernatural,the unknown things even for indians.So lets travel with me with the mysteries of india.Each state in India is let’s start the mystery from South Indian state Kerala.Kerala is a tourist spot for so many foreigners .Beautiful backwaters,UNESCO certified Kathakali -art form,delicious food..but what’s the mystery in kerala??The famous temple in kerala called sabarimala.In sabarimala pilgrims comes from all Four south states of India.This temple is situated in middle of a jungle…there are millions of people go to sabarimala every year.One of the thing about sabarimala temple ritual is that every first time sabarimala pilgrims should go to a mosque and pray first to go for sabarimala..another fact is that No women are allowed in sabarimala except from kids and older women.There is a story behind this famous rituals and temple….I will continue about India in my next part of this post ….